Dr. William Grady


A biographical sketch

William P. (Bill) Grady was born on Manhattan’s Upper East Side and reared as a strict Roman Catholic. His grade school diploma was signed by Cardinal Francis Spellman. In 1970, he graduated from Salesianum School in Wilmington, Delaware, the largest parochial high school in the state. While working for the Brandywine Cash Register Company in Wilmington, Bill sold a cutting-edge electronic bar control system to Bill and Jill Stevenson, co-owners of the “First State’s” newest nightclub, the Stone Balloon Tavern and Concert Hall in Newark. (Five years later, Jill would marry Senator Joe Biden.)

Bill then accepted a marketing position with British Airways in New York City. Following a promotion to Philadelphia in 1974, he was saved, baptized, and called to preach at the historic Marcus Hook Baptist Church (home church to Clarence Larkin), then grounded in dispensational premillennialism at the equally historic Philadelphia College of Bible (co-founded by C. I. Scofield). Apart from his ministerial degrees (which include a Ph.D. in History from the former Baptist International Seminary, Oxon Hill, Maryland), he also studied business and history at the University of Delaware, Goldey-Beacom College, and the University of Tennessee. As a minister, he founded and pastored two churches, taught Bible and history for ten years on the college level, and preached in over 1,000 churches as a full-time evangelist.

Dr. Grady’s best-selling books have been featured in numerous venues, including USA Today, Bill Martinez Live, and the legendary Barry Farber Show. (His 1993 classic, Final Authority, is currently in its fifteenth printing.) Bill’s lifetime of travel, preaching, and research has spanned forty countries on four continents (including three trips to Asia, five to the Middle East, and eleven to Europe and Russia).

The Lord has also enhanced his writing by affording him unusual favor with several eyewitnesses to history, e.g., Mrs. Nathalie Basilevsky, daughter of Baron Lieutenant-General Pyotr Wrangel, Commander-in-Chief of the anti-Bolshevik White Army; Samuel T. Cohen, Manhattan Project physicist, “Father of the Neutron Bomb”; UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador, Kim Phuc (aka “the girl in the picture”); World War II fighter aces, Brigadier General Robert Lee Scott, Jr. (author of God is My Co-pilot) and Brigadier General David Lee “Tex” Hill (portrayed by John Wayne in The Flying Tigers); and Mei-ling Soong (aka Madame Chiang Kai-shek), former First Lady of the Republic of China. (Having produced a documentary on Madame Chiang’s life, emphasizing her exemplary Christian testimony, Dr. Grady was honored to attend her 2003 Manhattan funeral at the invitation of Ambassador Andrew Kao, former Director-General of the New York Taipei Economic & Cultural Office.)

Among the many highlights of Dr. Grady’s forty-two year ministry, in October 2007, Colonel Eyal Rozen, then-Commander of the IDF Givati Brigade (Special Forces) training camp in the Golan Heights, had the base flag struck and presented to him for his devotion to Israel.

Bill and his wife Linda have been blessed with forty-seven years of marriage, producing three children, sixteen grandchildren, and one great-grandchild. He currently serves as an evangelist out of Fellowship Baptist Church in Maryville, Tennessee, Pastor Tom Hatley.