Perilous Times

Perilous Times

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Perilous Times was written to help stabilize God's children in their increasingly difficult endeavors to preserve the "old time religion" amidst the "new normal" in "Post-Trumpian Woke America." It will explain what is presently happening, why it's happening, and - most importantly - how to survive till the Blessed Hope.

The unique chapter arrangement opens with a scriptural analysis of current events (relevant to the publication date), followed by a review of pertinent history, ending with a selection of practical sermons for an uncertain future.

Given the present crisis hour, this installment of Understanding the Times will prove far more "reader friendly" than the previous two volumes (i.e., half as many pages; no tedious endnotes; and, very few "big words"). However, though less daunting in scope, the author's "unconventional" writing style remains, employing plenty of humor and colloquial wit, while addressing a wide range of insightful, intriguing, and even provocative subjects.

  • On the lighter side - from how a scene in Forrest Gump explains the Papacy's origins - to what we can learn about ourselves from Hogan's Heroes.
  • On the heavier side - from what transpired during the horrific darkness at Calvary - to the rediscovery of a prophetic doctrine "lost" for over a century.
  • On the bizarre side - from how God used a petite preacher's wife to "bomb" Vatican Square - to Donald Trump's unknown connection to the China virus.
  • On the personal side - from what the New York Times quoted Dr. Grady as saying at age nine - to his former business arrangement with Jill (Stevenson) Biden ten years later.

As the subtitle, Deep Truths for Shallow Waters implies, this volume will hopefully serve as a spiritual life jacket for the Body of Christ in the last days.